Kissbox DMX1TR

Kissbox DMX1TR

The KISS-BOX DMX-512 Transceiver allows you to use a standard Ethernet network to distribute the DMX-512 protocol to any part of your system. You can configure it to behave as an external DMX interface for a PC, Macintosh or generic lighting controller, Multiple Transceivers can be set up to work together and distribute up to 64 universes of DMX across the network. The DMX-512 Transceiver can be set to use the Artnet protocol.

• Sends and receives DMX-512 over Ethernet.

• Artnet compatible

• 2 independent DMX512 universes per box (one for input, one for output)

• Windows, Mac OS-X and Linux compatible

• Acts as standard DMX interface.

• Multi node DMX transmission

• Operating power over the network cable.– IEEE 802-3af

• Easy software configuration

• ACN Ready

• Ready for new HD MIDI Show Control protocol

• New MIDI Show Control firmware. Store cues directly in the DMX1TR and control them over RTP-MIDI from any MSC application!

    CHF300.00 Standardpreis
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